Singapore’s top 3 new skills are design, blockchain, and workflow automation, LinkedIn study finds

Singapore’s top 3 new skills are design, blockchain, and workflow automation, LinkedIn study finds

Thinking of learning a new skill for work?

Well, according to a LinkedIn report published on Wednesday (June 19), the most popular new skills among Singaporeans over the past five years are around blockchain development, workflow automation and human-centred design – which involves optimising products and services for human users, such as graphic design, product design, and user experience.

LinkedIn’s report surveyed 4,136 employees in Asia-Pacific – including 1,045 Singaporean workers – on their professional development and attitudes toward learning new skills.

It analysed the top 10 rising skills of LinkedIn members in the region over the last five years, most of which were tech-related.


The skills LinkedIn identified were: AI, blockchain, compliance, continuous integration, front-end web development, gesture recognition technology, human-centered design, robotic process automation, social media marketing, and workflow automation.


It added that soft skills, such as creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking, had increased in value due to the rise of AI and automation, as these skills allow workers to adjust to having robots in the workplace.

The report predicted that by next year, as almost half of the core skills required to do a job would have changed. Two in three survey respondents felt “daunted by the pace of change in their industries”.

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60% of Singaporean workers lack the time to upskill: LinkedIn

The LinkedIn study found that Singapore workers were aware of the need to upskill, with three-quarters of respondents admitting that the skills needed to succeed at work were “changing rapidly”.


Two in three also saw soft skills as a key factor in career progression. They identified critical thinking, adaptability and communication skills as the top three soft skills most likely to be needed in the future.


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